Age and Treachery

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When will the Media be held accountable for killing poor people?

During the Mike Brown testimony yesterday, I found his most interesting statement to be that he did not send FEMA workers into New Orleans, because the news reports were saying that it was a war zone.

What amazing irony. The media (I am including Fox here, since that was what I watched mostly, and their reporters were just as culpable) reported hearsay, rumors of shootings, rapes, riots and general bedlam. I saw one reporter interview a reporter from another network who relayed a story from her sister about a man raping a 13 year old girl in the Superdome, then slitting her throat, only to be beaten to death by an angry mob.

In this midst of this, we have crazed reporters standing on bridges saying, "When will help arrive? How much longer will this insanity be allowed before help arrives?"

So now we find out that the media was reporting the basest rumor as fact, and FEMA with its unarmed civilian employees assumed the media was responsibly reporting, and waited for military assistance.

What angers me the most is that contrary to the cries of the black leadership, the only racism on display was that of the media. They assumed that black people, deprived of basic services, would resort to savagry and canniblism. They then reported this "truth" without any proof or sourcing. The ultimate racist point that they were making is that you can't trust black people to act with dignity during a crisis, therefore we must continue to "control" them through our social programs. And then they echo this with cries of shock that the government response is not rapid enough, when the hesitation was directly due to their own shoddy reporting.

There is a scandal out there all right, but it is not the Bush administration or even Gov. Blanco. It is the media. They need to put down their microphone and get to work cleaning up the mess they created.


  • I just linked to this post...good reading.

    On top of FEMA standing back, I also heard a caller from Texas on the radio a few weeks ago say after hearing the (now know to be rumors) story of the killing/raping/etc, they and their friends withdrew their names from the lists to take families in coming from NOLA.

    How sad that the spill over effect actually did cause the racism to grow, and the disgusting part is it was founded on a lie. I'm sure the MSM has no shame in the fact they stopped "the greater good" in some cases, to the detriment to those who actually deserved and needed the compassion of their fellow citizens...

    By Blogger chaoticsynapticactivity, at 12:11 PM  

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